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2 Jun 2016
Play doh
In the beginning of my "going green" quest I was walking through Wal-mart and needed some dish washing detergent. I picked up my regular brand and then something caught my eye...A bottle of dish detergent on the bottom shelf labeled "non-toxic". I couldn't believe my eyes. I had not thought about it before, but if play-doh is non-toxic, shouldn't dish detergent be too? We use it to wash things we purposely put into our mouths. In a state of wonder, I picked up the bottle. I was still perplexed. I immediately could not understand why ALL brands of dish detergent were not "non-toxic". Cause -wow- technically, one could eat play-doh and live through it. Here I had been using a dish detergent to clean dishes and my children's baby bottles, sippy cups, spoons, toys and on and on.

peppa pig

It was at that moment I realized how important making this change from using an absurd amount of chemical laden products to naturally made products really was. There are also some natural dish washer detergents on the market as well. I have tried some and they work just as well as "leading brands." It all comes down to personal preferences, but in the end going natural just makes sense. After reading "Growing Up Green" by Deirdra Imus and seeing the research and facts about side-effects and diseases that are linked to certain chemicals contained in leading cleaning products today I was convinced that I needed to go au natural...for my kids sake. I was not all that concerned about how it would change me, but I have small children who could be damaged because I was uneducated on the causes of ADHD, Asthma & Autism just to name a few.

The thing is, it's not that difficult. Right now just about any store you regularly visit carries natural products. Large chemical companies now manufacture some great natural products. Or you can search the internet for recipes to make natural cleaning products in your own home. I tell you, getting the chemicals out of my home has been a great choice, I honestly breathe better and feel better for it.


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